Toyota Hilux goes GTA at Ramadan Bazaar

Bukit Sentosa, Malaysia – A video of a Toyota Hilux going on a rampage at a Ramadan Bazaar has been making rounds on social media recently.

According to Malaysian news – the driver rammed his car into 5 people in Pekan Bukit Sentosa, which is about 40 km north from KLCC. The incident happened on 22 May at roughly 6.35pm.

Hulu Selangor district police chief Supt Arsad Kamaruddin said the incident occurred about 6.35pm after the 32-year-old man became angry when a passer-by knocked on the rear mirror of his car as he was honking through the congested road near Jalan Besar Bukit Sentosa.

“The man said he would ram into everybody at Bukit Sentosa, and he did so into five people at the Persiaran Orkid hawkers’ site,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Arsad said four men and a woman, aged between 40 and 50, were injured in the incident.

In the video taken from JPJ’s official Facebook page, you can see people desperately trying to stop the car by throwing objects at it, and shouting at others to call the police.

The Hilux driver also drives in an erratic manner, ramming into a stall, reversing, then driving in circles.

The suspect has been arrested by the police. Talk about road rage…

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