This scrapyard is where exotic cars die

This is the place where cars go to die.

Supercar Blondie checked out a scrapyard in Dubai where wrecked luxury cars are taken before being auctioned off. Ferraris, AMGs, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Lamborghinis – it’s all there.

For those who prefer scrolling through images of the cars, the gallery is here :

Even though it may look like all the cars are damaged, that’s not the case. Some of these cars end up in these places because owners can’t afford the make the payments anymore, so the vehicles are confiscated.

Many of these cars were involved in some major accidents, judging from the extent of the damage.

Deployed airbags are the norm, and some of the cars have rather filthy interiors after collecting dirt for an extended period of time.

There’s even a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti with some cash (500 AED = SGD 188) in the passenger side sun visor the owner left behind before abandoning the vehicle !

Check out the video and images from above.. if you could buy a car there to restore, would you?

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