Porsche explains why brakes squeal !

In the video below, you can see Porsche get passive aggressive about their customers complaining about brake squeal. According to sources, Porsche is tired of people complaining about their brakes squealing (especially on cars that cost half a million dollars here in Singapore) – so they made this video so that we can all shut up, stop complaining and get on with our lives.

According to Porsche – brake squeal occurs when the energy of motion is converted into heat and minute vibrations, which then dissipate throughout the brake system. Although this brake squealing noise is often mistaken as a brake issue – that is rarely the case.

Porsches are known for making high performance cars (think GT2 RS, GT3 RS – and the oh so lovely Turbo S). With big engines and high power outputs, it’s inevitable that these cars come with big brake kits, which include big rotors and brake pads. Because of the large surface area of the brake pads – pad pressure distribution can vary when applying the brakes at low speeds. This increases the propensity for brake squeal.

Porsche of course tries to minimize brake squeal – but factors such as wear and tear, temperature, humidity and corrosion play a part in causing brake squeal. Given the vast size of our planet and the conditions these cars operate in, it’s impossible to account for all of them.

YouTube video

So if you learnt only one thing from this video :

it’s that some brake squeal is okay!

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