7 ways to avoid being an idiotic driver


In Singapore, parking may not be that big of an issue since most of the time, there are plenty of parking spaces available, unless you are in town on a weekend or during an event.

I would say 90% of the time, there are parking spaces available at your destination or within walking distance from your destination.

Here in singapore, we typically park head out – to save space. This is because a car that is parked head out (or butt in first) takes up lesser space to enter/exit the lot. Which means other drivers can park closer to the car.

We have all seen cases of some terrible parking by fellow singaporeans – which is why we are listing down some parking courtesy tips to prevent your car from getting ‘stomped’ or subjected to abuse, like :

1. Check parking lot markings

This is the most common sensical thing to do when parking is to park within the lines. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who simply do not bother to park within the marked lines, or are too lazy to adjust their car to fit the lot properly. This is an inconsiderate, or ‘d*ck move’ (apologise for the language) as there are other drivers who are also looking to park their cars, and cant do so because your car is intruding into their lot.

Also check that your car is not protruding out of the lot too much

The worse is when drivers take up 2 lots. This just drives me nuts !! 🤬


2. Don’t park at handicapped lots 

This is another common sensical thing to do, if you do not have a handicapped sticker on your car. Be considerate, since there may be someone who is actually disabled and has gone through all the proper processes to get the handicapped sticker, only to see a selfish driver taking up their lot.

Speaking of parking where you shouldn’t, if you aren’t riding a motorcycle, then don’t park at motorcycle lots ! Some drivers simply do not have common sense (like the mercedes driver above)

3. Keep a good distance from the car next to you

As a considerate driver, you should maintain a good distance between your car and the car to your right and left. Imagine the frustration when the other driver can only open his doors a little bit, and struggle to get into his car just because you didn’t park yours properly.

This also helps to protect your car, since some drivers may seek ‘revenge’ for your terrible parking by slamming their door into your car, leaving a dent on your car’s body.

4. First come, first served

This is a common practice, not just in parking but in almost anything we do daily. First customer to pay, or arrive at the store will get served first since its only fair since they have waited longer than you.

However there are some drivers in singapore who turn up later than someone waiting for a lot, and simply rush in to ‘steal’ the lot away from the driver who has been patiently waiting for his turn.

This is a very inconsiderate and selfish behaviour . Image if you have been the one waiting for 15 minutes for a lot, only to have some random driver show up to steal it from right under your nose.

Sucks, doesn’t it? So don’t do it to others.

While we’re here – don’t get a friend or family member to ‘chope’ a lot for you by getting them to stand in the lot and prevent other cars from parking. Be considerate to other drivers.

5. Use your hazard lights

We’ve covered this is another article titled ‘5 road courtesy rules driving schools may not teach you’ , but its worth mentioning again. When you have found a parking lot, turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers and pedestrians are aware of your intentions to stop and park. Don’t abruptly stop and simply enter a lot without any indication, as it can be dangerous to other cars and pedestrians.

6. Thanking fellow considerate and thoughtful drivers

Some drivers are very thoughtful (*cough* me *cough*) because when they park their cars at the last corner lot, they will park it closer to the wall at the end, to give more space to the car parking next to them. This can mean however, that their car may not be parked in the lot properly.

But that’s ok! Because they are not obstructing anyone, and they are giving the car beside them more space. So we should all be grateful to such drivers who think about other drivers. I personally appreciate such drivers.

7. Ensuring your cashcard has enough value

Have you ever tried to leave a carpark, only to find out right at the exit gantry that your parking fee is more than the value left in your cashcard? Some of us have been there – and it sucks because you have to reverse, and find a cashcard top up machine in the area to top-up your card before you can leave.

Worst is when you are in a busy carpark, with lots of cars trying to leave and you are the first car at the gantry. When your cashcard does not have enough value to be deducted, you will have to reverse and get out of the way to let other cars exit. Not only is this embarrassing for you, it is also inconvenient to other drivers. Worst is when the carpark exit is so narrow that all other cars behind you have to reverse a distance before you are able to move out of the way.

So do yourself and everyone else a favour and ensure that your cashcard has enough value before leaving the carpark !

Personally, I avoid this by keeping a spare cashcard in the car so that I can quickly use it when my main cashcard is low on value, or is facing an issue (e.g gantry is not able to detect it)

With that, I hope you’ll be a considerate driver ! 😁

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