The 2021 Honda City Hatchback – coming to Singapore? Replacing the Honda Jazz?

2021 honda city hatchback

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Before we jump into the Honda City Hatchback, let’s look at the 2019 Mazda 3 – which let’s be honest looks better in hatchback form compared to the sedan. 

Surprisingly, the Mazda 3 Hatchback comes with a higher price tag than the sedan despite getting a shorter overall length and lesser boot space due to its shape. 

Although you get less boot space, it won’t be a dealbreaker for most people. 

Let’s face it, if you need a lot of space ALL the time – an SUV or wagon would suit you better. Or even a van. 

Now back to the 2021 Honda City Hatchback – will the hatchback cost more than the sedan? And more importantly, where does the Honda Jazz Fit in Honda’s lineup? (hehe, see what i did there?) 


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The new Honda City Hatchback is 4,345 mm long (4,349 mm for the RS variant), an obvious 208 mm shorter than its sedan counterpart, while the height has increased to 1,488 mm with the same width and wheelbase. 

Apart from that, nothing much has contrasted in the exterior design except a sporty rear bumper and spoiler for the RS variant at the rear. 

Although the sedan and the new hatchback share the same width, the rear of the hatchback looks bolder and more refined, as opposed to the sedan which looks kind of (nothing wrong) plain and boring to me. 

Combined with the gloss black (RS variant) Honda’s Solid Wing Face front grille and the connected matching dynamic lines from the front to the rear, I am leaning towards this hatchback more than the sedan. 

Let me know if you think the same as well?


The interior of the City hatchback is similar to the regular Honda City sedan but with some nice features worth mentioning.

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What attracts me the most is red stitching from the steering wheel to the door panels around the interior integrated with minimal piano black finishing around to give a humble premium yet sporty interior from a compact car in the RS Variant. 

I am particularly a big fan of the leather-wrapped gear lever, the new climate control switches, which gives a mixture of bright white digital display and physical dials. 

It does have the continental car feel especially with red borders around the knobs, that gives a slight “R” vibe. 

It’s back to basic compared to its predecessor which is a full digital touch-screen climate control. 

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Cosmetics wise, the AC vents to me are slightly odd-shaped, big, and outdated although it looks like it will be quite cooling, which slightly blemishes a near-to-wonderful minimalistic design across the cabin. 

Apart from that the instrument dashboard, although not fully digital, is perfectly acceptable. (Although not as nice as the instrument display in the new Kias and Hyundais)

The font and text thickness looks kind of outdated to me although it was a great initiative from Honda to make the border red in colour. 

While many new cars are now starting to go towards a full digital instrument dashboard, I would appreciate at least a middle vehicle info cluster to be more digital and interactive, instead of a traditional seven-segment similar display. 

After all, I’m paying over $90k for a compact car, referencing the current price of the Honda City Sedan sold in Singapore.

Paired with a CVT transmission, the RS variant gets a 7-speed paddle shifter which is great news for family car buyers looking for some sportiness in their drive. 

Lastly, since the current Honda City sedan comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard across all variants, I think we are safe to say it will be the same as well if the Honda City Hatchback is coming to our local market.

Leather seats with red stripes (RS variant)

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Other interesting features

  • The Honda City Hatchback comes originally with a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder VTEC Turbo Engine in Thailand, but do expect it to be in a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC (non-turbo) in Singapore, similar to the current Honda City Sedan.
  • One interesting new feature from the Honda City Hatchback is there are four ways to fold your car seats (Yes, both front and rear seats) to maximize the storage space to counter a slightly smaller boot space which its sedan counterpart doesn’t offer.
  • Utility Mode- Your standard folding down of rear seats to place bulky furniture or a few check-in luggage
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  • Long Mode- Folding close to flat of the front passenger seat to cater for longer items. The most common situation that I can think of is for transporting my mother’s bamboo laundry poles. 
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  • Tall Mode- The tall mode is what we commonly refer to as magic seats in Singapore, where we see them in many similar Honda models such as the Jazz and Shuttle. Very practical for tall items that cannot be laid flat down.
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  • Refresh Mode- Now this is new and interesting to me. Good for short naps in the car and perfect for dates in rooftop multi-story car parks.
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Price & Verdict if it comes to Singapore

In Thailand, the Honda City Hatchback comes with three variants ranging from the base option City S+ that is priced at 599,000 baht (S$26,466), followed by the mid-spec City SV at 675,000 baht (S$29,824) and the highest variant City RS at 749,000 baht (S$33,094). 

Its sedan counterpart, the Honda City Sedan RS variant is priced at 739,000 baht (S$32,652). 

Thus, we can expect the same pricing structure (structure, not price!) of the Honda City Hatchback if it comes to Singapore. That is, the hatchback being slightly more expensive than the sedan. 

The problem is, how will the City Hatchback stand against a very strong competitor like the stunning Mazda 3?

Realistically, I think the popularity of the Honda City hatchback will depend on the price point. 

There could be many other choices out there with better features, interior or possibly performance with a more attractive price tag. 

There are also plans that the Honda City Hatchback may be replacing the new Honda Jazz in some of our neighboring countries. 

I personally hope that it will not happen in Singapore as the new generation Jazz has the potential to stick back as one of the most affordable cars to get in, although the new exterior design of the Jazz is highly debatable.

Speaking of affordable, do stay tuned in to as we will be featuring brand new cars that you can get in Singapore under S$80k very soon!

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