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Nissan GTR..one of my many dream cars

Hey guys – Syed here. Firstly, thanks for clicking on this about page. Chances are, you’re looking to know Car Life better. So… where do i begin?

Oh, okay – I started doing car reviews sometime in early 2019, but only took it seriously a few months after that. The reason I started Car Life was because I felt that almost every country in the world had a car enthusiast/company doing car review videos which were fun, engaging, entertaining and most of all informative. I truly enjoyed watching the likes of Bobby Ang from Aurizn Evo Malaysia, Alborz Fallah from CarAdvice.com.au, the hilarious guys from CarThrottle and CarWow from the UK – and many others.

I then thought to myself – well, I love cars – and there’s nothing stopping me from pursuing the same path. And with the power of a cheap GoPro and the Internet, I began this car video journey.

Make no mistake – i DO NOT at all consider myself an expert in cars, nor am I someone who can advise you on which car is best, etc. (even though Car Life viewers occasionally ask me for advice). I’m just a regular guy who loves cars. Cars are probably my only ‘real’ interest in life.


For me, the most important thing about cars is how they make you feel.

You can be driving a cheap, rusty, ugly looking car – but if it makes you feel something few other cars can, then you’re on the right track.

As we know, the world of cars is complex. From buying, selling, maintaining to whatever else.

My goal is to create valuable and entertaining car related content, build a community of car lovers (join our FB Car Chat Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1979191038783359/ , and to be your friend who you can always talk to about cars.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and lent me their car to review, and to those who have agreed to work with me. I am eternally grateful.

Well, thanks for reading this ‘about’ section. Hope you got something out of it !

P.S we are always looking for cars to review, and constantly on the lookout for bright minds who want to join us and help achieve our goals. If you love cars and have a valid class 3 license – do reach out ! We would love to have a chat with you over teh and find out more.

You can contact us at hello@carlife.sg for any matters.

Alternatively, feel free to slide into our DMs on FB or Instagram

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